AVERMEDIA CL314H1 střihová (záznamová) karta, PCIe GEn2x4, 1080p60

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AVERMEDIA CL314H1 střihová (záznamová) karta, PCIe GEn2x4, 1080p60

AVERMEDIA 1080p60 HDMI 4-Channel PCIe Video Capture Card w/ Low Profile

  • Maximum input resolution up to 4096x2160/30fps
  • Maximum capturing and recording up to 2-ch 4096x2160/30fps
  • Low-profile PCI Express form factor
  • Reduce the capture latency to shorten the time required for a full frame of image to be captured
  • Support hardware up/down scaling, de-interlacing, and color space convert
  • Support 10-bit color depth

AVerMedia CL314H1, the 1080p60 HDMI 4-Channel low profile video capture card, is equipped by four HDMI channels with the embedded audio input and supports astounding uncompressed real-time video capturing up to 1920 x 1080 60fps full HD resolution.
At the frame rate of 60 fps, CL314H1 can improve the quality of a wide range of media recorded for businesses, universities, broadcasting, and manufacturing facilities, which can eventually provide a more lifelike and smooth video playback experience.

Hardware Scaling, De-Interlacing, and Color Space Conversion
With the AVerMedia Video Engine Technology inside, it can perform various video processing tasks such as frame rate conversion, hardware up/down scaling, de-interlacing, and so on without consuming the computing power of the target platform.

Improved Quality and Reliability
With the powerful FPGA-based design, the CL314H1 is able to achieve a better performance and provide more improved capture quality and reliability.

Low Profile Form Factor
Suitable for small-footprint embedded platform, the compact low profile form factor design provides a better use of internal space and reduces cable routing. It increases the use of interior space for a more flexible heat spreading solution.

Main/Daughter Board Design
Our CL314H1 low-profile ready capture card come with a smaller bracket as well, so you can choose to install it on a regular or low-profile system.

Hardware Video Processing
CL314H1 has built-in AVerMedia Video Engine technology which implements most useful video enhancing features to significantly reduce the efforts of CPU and the software development. In other words, this can help our clients to achieve the better cost saving of the hardware platform and the development resource.

Support up to 4:4:4 10-bit RGB and YUV
The 10-bit color depth support is especially useful in the medical imaging applications where images with the slightest color variation may indicate different conditions or stages of diseases. This in turn may assist doctors in accurately diagnosing patient conditions.

Versatile AVerMedia SDK
Industrial customers can develop vertical applications flexibly and efficiently by using AVerMedia’s exclusive designed SDK with features such as device control, media capture, A/V processing and more.
Learn more about AVerMedia SDK.


Host Interface PCIe Gen2 x 4
Audio Interface HDMI embedded PCM
Audio Format Embedded HDMI, PCM
Audio Sampling Rate 32/44.1/48KHz
Connector Type HDMI Type A
Input Interface HDMI*4 (HDMI 1.4a)
Video Format
  • YUV444: IYU2, AYUV, V410, Y410
  • YUV422: YUY2, YUYV, UYVY, V210, Y210
  • YUV420: I420, NV12, YV12
  • RGB: RGB565, RGB555, RGB24, RGB32, ARGB
Color Depth 8 bit/10bit
Channel No. 4 channels
Max. Input Resolution 4096x2160 30fps
Max. Recording Resolution
  • 4096x2160 30fps (2ch)
  • 1920x1080 60fps (4ch)
Encoding Mode Software Encoding
Multi-Card Support YES
Supported OS Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (32/64-Bit) Linux Kernel 2.6.14 and above (32/64-bit)
Form Factor PCIe Low Profile
Dimension (L x W) 180 x 68.78 mm
Power Consumption 15W<
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
Operating Humidity 5% - 80% Relative Humidity
Safety Certification FCC / CE
Note *All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

TV tuner
Bez TV tuneru
Druh zařízení
Střihová karta
Typ rozhraní
Další parametry
Nahrávání z ext. Zdrojů

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AVERMEDIA CL314H1 střihová (záznamová) karta, PCIe GEn2x4, 1080p60

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